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Williams Barber College elevates the community with outreach and education in Mauldin

Sheila and Cindnate Williams

Since 2016, Sheila and Cindnate have been elevating the Mauldin community with education and charitable giving. The school offers a 1500-hour course complete with lectures, speakers and hands on application. Not only are students impacted by the learning opportunity, countless organizations have received beneficial assistance from the Williams. Their respectable reputation opened the door for a partnership between Williams Barber College and Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital cancer division. The outcome has kept local spirits lifted up to a higher altitude.

The Williams were both raised in Greenville and are military veterans. They attended the same church and knew each other’s family before they were married. With over 20 years of experience, the couple has expertise in hair styling and business. Sheila owned her own cosmetology shop for many years and Cindnate also operated his own barber company. Eventually, they joined forces to open a cosmetology and barbershop in 1996. Sheila continued her education and became a master cosmetologist. She also taught at Greenville Tech and was the director of cosmetology at Virginia College. A passion developed to teach others the art of hair. Cindnate states they knew it was time to open their own school, “It all happens in God’s time. There was a need in this area. We love Mauldin. We’ve always done business within city limits.”  

Admission requires students to fill out an application, provide multiple forms of identification, a diploma or transcript, TB test results, wallet photos and provide an application fee. They also need to obtain a student’s permit. Sheila and Cindnate are the only instructors. Classes taught include anatomy, chemistry, electricity and other relevant courses. Valuable knowledge and training is given at the lowest cost in the upstate. The program takes one to one and a half years to complete. After training to cut, color, trim and shave, aspiring stylist can then apply for an apprentice license. Williams Barber College assists individuals with finding the right internship. Last steps include taking the state board exam with a practical and theory test. Post grads go on to climb the career mountaintop of success. Customers can stop in for five-dollar haircuts for kids and seven-dollar adult cuts to help students practice! Not only has Williams Barber College earned the place of the upstate’s top barber academy, they’ve won national competitions and students have brought back first place trophies!

Fulfillment comes from people who graduate the program and the ability to be charitable to the community. From the very beginning of business ownership, the Williams have supported multiple causes in the area, “The thing we are most proud of is the different ways we give back,” Cindnate says. A few local organizations they’ve given to include Miracle Hill to cut the boy’s hair, DSS, Grove Elementary School and the Wigged Out Program. Through Bon Secours St. Francis, the Wigged Out program provides wigs for cancer patients to build their self-esteem. The Chapman Foundation provides the wigs and Williams Barber School sends students to customize the wigs to the patient’s preference, and teach them how to take care of the wigs. On what inspires Sheila to give back she says, “For me, it’s a natural thing to do. It’s something I’ve always done.” Cindnate expresses his reasons, “It’s just the way I was raised. There have been several customers that say it’s great what we do. It’s changed their lives.”

For a distinguished cut at low prices, customers can stop by 417 North Main Street in Mauldin. To reach elevation in learning and career call Williams Barber College at 864-263-3801 or visit www.wbtschool.com. Sheila and Cindnate will do their best to help students and the community reach their peak.

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