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Who is YOUR Realtor going to be?

Brande Bree Gorham

The choice as to who will assist you with your greatest asset can be overwhelming…or seemingly simple. Let’s talk about what that process looks like. I’ll start with the other side of the table…what makes it easy for me, a Realtor. Personal referral…hands down. I LOVE to help someone brought to me from a client that I have not only helped, but exceeded their expectations enough that they are willing to share the people they love and care about with me. Those connections can be amazing because we have a trusted advocate as the matchmaker. But what if you need to buy or sell and no one you know has a fabulous Realtor to suggest. Well there are some things to consider…some questions to ask.

A while back Ray Boss Jr. of U.S.News & World Report published an article called 10 Essential Questions for Choosing a Real Estate Agent. The questions where followed by a paragraph of helpful detail, but of the purpose of making you think about it…here are the questions to consider asking your potential Realtor.

  • How long have you been selling real estate?
  • What is your average number of clients?
  • What is your ratio of buyers to sellers?
  • What area do you cover?
  • Are you part of a team?
  • Are you equipped to handle my unique situation?
  • What type of communication should I expect from you?
  • Do you have a recommended vendors list?
  • Can I have the contact information for three references?
  • What questions do you have for me?

That is a great place to start and sets you up for some good conversation to get to know the person and their style. Let’s face it, not everyone is a good match. You’re literally going into a business relationship with someone and it’s a beautiful thing when the connection and communication is good. Having a “we went into this as strangers and by the time we got to the closing table we were practically family” is the most gratifying feeling in the world for everyone.

So do your homework…ask the questions…make the right choice for YOU. And if you are even considering a move anytime soon, make these connections ASAP. Greenville is a hot market, Spring is a busy time of year and waiting could literally lose you money. I’m more than happy to meet with you and give you a Sellers home evaluation or a Buyer consultation…and I’ll even be your guinea pig for these 10 important questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Spring!!!♦

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