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Local Healthcare Entrepreneur receives national award! Changing the practice of physical therapy!

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) awarded GroupHab® Physical Therapy South Carolina PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINIC OF THE YEAR! Award to be given at the SC annual convention March 22, 2019.

What is GroupHab®? Why is it different?

GroupHab® is an alternative model of physical therapy designed for older adult managing chronic conditions that includes integration of small group PT classes and with individual PT treatment. Pro-Actively providing long term solutions focusing on prevention and wellness. The old model is re-active. GroupHab® classes are innovatively pro-active- Changing the way we think about Physical Therapy!

What was the Catalyst for GroupHab®?

Frustration with the current model of medical PT reimbursement is what propelled Dr. Hazan to create GroupHab® -cost effective small group exercise classes for seniors with chronic conditions.

Currently, seniors with chronic conditions will complete individual PT treatment, they will be discharged home with a home exercise programs only to return a few months later because they have been unable to keep up with the exercises at home. This leads to a very frustrating “revolving door” of physical therapy. As soon as patients become deconditioned again or lose their gains they made, they are back at their doctor’s office to get another referral for more therapy. By combining physical therapy treatment, principles, and theory with music, she created a system of rehabilitative senior wellness care that is allowing seniors to move and feel better.

Our system of care includes an initial PT assessment and then placement the appropriate rehabilitative functional class that has been designed by and led by a PT. Combining physical therapy theory, principles and treatment we have created a wide variety of fun and rehabilitative PT wellness classes to the meet the needs of the medically complex geriatric patient. Our classes are set to fun music and contain all the components of wellness: strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

GroupHab® outcome measures are nothing short of outstanding. The unique, pioneering model of care that we offer has caught the attention of the American Physical Therapy Association. GroupHab to be recognized by and published in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) professional magazines multiple times and Dr. Hazan presented this novel model at National APTA conventions. GroupHab® has been recognized by the ATPA with the following quote.♦

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