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Simpsonville Chick-fil-A expanding again

Driving down Fairview Road could bring a touch of dismay to the famished traveler who happens upon this Chick-fil-A sign, “Remodeling! Visit us in Mauldin!” The popular Chick-fil-A restaurant located on Fairview Road in Simpsonville, SC has been closed for remodeling since the evening of January 25, 2019. They plan to reopen in 6 weeks, around early to mid-March. In the meantime, loyal patrons can drop by the Chick-fil-A Mauldin facility at 135 West Butler Road to satisfy those waffle fry and fresh-squeezed lemonade cravings!

During its twenty-year history, the Simpsonville Chick-fil-A site closed once before for remodeling. That time around, they built a dual-lane drive-through as well as a new entrance way, to alleviate traffic flow issues off Fairview Road. Renovations also included dining room refurbishments plus an expanded work area for employees manning the drive-through business. During the current shut-down, the focus will be on extending and enlarging the kitchen facilities, updating equipment, and adding an awning to protect the drive-through employees.

High volume business and continued growth have driven these changes. According to Matt Webber, the current owner/operator of both the Simpsonville and Mauldin Chick-fil-A restaurants, the community has been very supportive of this business and he deeply appreciates the customers who frequent his restaurant. “Thank you for being such an awesome community!” he writes on social media.

Matt Webber’s dream of owning and operating his own business began with a lawn-care business he conducted in his neighborhood at the tender age of fourteen. A year later, he assumed his first position at Chick-fil-A–squeezing lemons to make lemonade. That first Chick-fil-A job grew into a passion. He even knew the company’s founder, Truett Cathy who passed away in September 2014. As the current owner/operator of several restaurants in the Chick-fil-A chain, Mr. Webber relays his story on the Chick-fil-A website and adds this caveat: “Dreams do come true, but that does not dismiss effort or hard work.”

Deeply committed to his family as well as to this community, Mr. Webber is married and has two daughters. Donna Webber, his wife, also started working for Chick-fil-A at the age of fourteen. In addition to her Chick-fil-A ties, she and daughter Reagan composed a children’s book entitled “The Allergy Adventures with Cari Cupcake”. Based upon their personal experiences, this fun storybook explores how to stay safe yet still enjoy food when one suffers from food sensitivities. Mrs. Webber and daughter have participated in local book reading events to share their story with others.

To remain updated on exactly when the Simpsonville Chick-fil-A restaurant will reopen, check out Facebook (CFASimpsonville) and Instagram (wearesimpsonville) postings. In the meantime, drop by the Mauldin restaurant where some of the Simpsonville employees are currently helping out. To quote Mr. Webber from his social media postings, “It is indeed a pleasure to serve our wonderful community! See you soon!”♦

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