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Our Trip to the National Championship Game…Clemson vs Alabama

Lynn and I left on Jan 1 and flew into Oakland. We flew out of Oakland on Jan 9. We had never been to California before, so we made a trip of it! We stayed in 5 different hotels including Santa Cruz, Monterrey, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and finally Oakland. These pics tell the story of our wonderful trip!

We completely forgot to take one inside a prison cell at Alcatraz! That day was crazy with the pouring rain and gusting wind!!! It certainly put one in the right frame of mind to visit Alcatraz.
Other stops we made were Capitola Beach, Carmel-By-The-Sea, Big Basin State Park, and we saw a couple whales along our way. In San Francisco we used MuniBus to get around to China Town, Haight-Ashbury, Golden Gate Park, random local breweries, Lombard Street, Alcatraz, and just a little of everything. After the game we went to the Winchester Mystery House and Treasure Island. There were several other little stops everywhere. It was all just beautiful. The game weather turned out wonderful. The game turned out AMAZING!!!

But I think the overall feeling that I came away with from this trip way to the other side of the country (2600+ miles from my family!) was confirmation in my thoughts that there are more good people and good things happening out there, everywhere, than there are bad. Everyone, whether they were locals, fellow travelers, fellow Clemson family, Alabama fans, people working at hotels and restaurants, etc, were overwhelmingly kind and friendly. I told my mom that. She then asked me “Well, what did you expect?”. Ha! You’re right Mom, I shouldn’t have been so surprised!!!

Good times, good times….
Thank You Clemson!!!♦

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