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Pleased with County Council vote

Letter to Editor

Dear all, Greenville County Council with a vote of 8 to 4 gave us an early Merry Christmas gift to HOLD plans for Metro sewer expansion into our area. Under the leadership of Councilman Joe Dill and Chairman Butch Kirven the YES HOLD vote is to await the results of Greenville County NEW 10 Year COMPREHENSIVE PLAN with citizens’ input for controlled growth county wide.
Huge thanks to our local leaders Dr. Kathy Howard, Dr. Anne Peden, Tom Stitt, and Jim Moore. State House Representative Ashley Trantham is supportive of her constituents asking guidance from us on how she can best serve us on this issue moving forward. Many thanks to all who wrote letters and sent emails to each County Council member. County Council is moving forward WITH public input! This is the loyal and faithful way our government representatives serve WE THE PEOPLE!

Enjoy family and friends this holiday season!
Tuffy Atkins♦

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