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Attention Simpsonville Lottery Winner

I want to reach out to the family that won. I don’t know their interests, but I’d like to communicate with them on 2 points in the event there is an interest on their part.

I was a financial planner on Christian radio for 12 years until God called me to Kenya and Uganda in 2004. I blended the calling as an evangelist to men (hardly any men go to church there) with social entrepreneurship and started Bread of Life Africa as a non-governmental agency. We worked with the new nation of South Sudan to bring in business. As a result, we created good-paying jobs for 70,000 Kenyans. And by God’s grace I was able to personally witness to and lead to salvation 10,000 men. God also did many miracles- which changed the atmosphere in Uganda.

With my business background I spotted an excellent opportunity to develop vanilla. It only grows in a few places on earth. Madagascar is #1, but Uganda is #4 and rates higher in quality vanilla. I secured 13,000 acres on a 45-year lease of incredibly rich soil. There is so much nitrogen that no one uses fertilizer. It is located on the Nile river in Northern Uganda. The people are very nice, and the British have major coffee, tea and flower industries in the area. Vanilla is very labor intensive; the low labor rate is a major advantage. We can afford to increase the earnings of both the laborers as well as teach thousands of farmers in the region how to grow vanilla- then guarantee them the market. This will greatly change their prospects for the future. Vanilla sells for more than silver now- weight wise. And Nestle and others will buy everything we can produce at top dollar. Projections show the demand will only increase in years to come. Since supply is restricted to just a few places, it’s an excellent opportunity.

For the project we would need $ 8.75M as a turn-key. There would be full transparency with the investor choosing the accounting firm to oversee disbursement of funds as needed. We can incorporate in Seychelles, which doesn’t have tax profits. The investor can bring the money back in under Trump’s tax incentive at I believe a 15% tax rate. Payback should be 3x investment within 4 years, with an excellent yearly cash flow for the next 50 years. And when the dust settles, they will own and control 10,000 acres for decades to come (value is $10M).

From my personal share, I want to raise up 100 local anointed evangelists into full time ministry to reach all of East Africa. I have a team there I developed over time that is honest and reliable. They will help me carry out the plan.So, in conclusion, this is a way to not only make an excellent return over many decades but will greatly improve the spiritual and financial health of many thousands of families as well. I would be happy to provide my resume as a financial planner, investment entrepreneur, Regional logistics manager for Central Africa and Business growth specialist here in the Tampa- St. Petersburg area- where I grewup.

You can reach me at

So that’s the gist of it. If anyone knows the family, you can forward this on to them- whatever works. I would be happy to come up and have a sit down if there is interest.
Thanks and all the best,
Don Reid♦

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