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Letter to the editor

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the constituents in District 28 for re-electing me to the Greenville County School Board for another term. It is an honor and privilege that I accept with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement about the great things on the horizon for our communities in Southern Greenville County.

When I ran for School Board eight years ago, I had no agenda beyond making a difference for my community. My priorities were ‘family, faculty, and funding’ and we have accomplished much on those fronts in my time on the board. We expanded educational options for students, significantly strengthened support services for students and families, and are shifting to a more personalized learning environment. We have increased teacher pay, solicited more input from teachers, and are working to reduce classroom burden. This is in addition to new programs to recruit, support, and retain teachers. We have worked closely with our state legislative delegation and other boards across the state to ensure we receive appropriate funding as called for in state formulas. At the same time, we are seeking ways to reduce costs through constant evaluation of our programs and practices.

As I begin this new term, I will continue to be a leader and community advocate in my role as Trustee. I will continue to bring my perspective as a professional engineer and problem solver to this work in addition to that of community volunteer, wife, and mother. I will continue to ask hard questions, speak out when needed, and demand accountability for results and outcomes. I have not shied away from conflict or difficult decisions nor will I in the future. I will continue to take action and press for change because that’s what public education needs and that’s what every student deserves.

My request from my constituents is that we continue to actively work TOGETHER to advance educational opportunities for our community. With the growth and associated challenges we are facing in Southern Greenville County, we must work collectively to ensure the educational needs of families and businesses are met. So, reach out to me by call, email, or text; invite me to a neighborhood meeting; stop me at church or in the grocery store; include me in discussions with your business, board or club around educational concerns -these are the ways I will continue to glean valuable insight into my community.

With your help, I have been and will continue to be consistent, persistent and effective in my pursuit for excellent education in Southern Greenville County. Thank you again!

Lisa Wells

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