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Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

Well, here I am trying to think of something exciting that is happened to or for me to write about.

While writing this, I am also watching a beautiful deer that is teaching her pair of twins to mow my lawn. They come almost every day at dusk. I am into nature and love it all…plants and animals, so what if they eat a few buds off my roses. I still enjoy watching them.

I sure had lots of comments on my last writing. In case you did not read it, I’ll just say that I am still hoping no one ever pulls out a pistol and threatens me after stealing some of my property! That was an awful thing to do!

Thank goodness I have some real nice neighbors that have homes that overlook my property. They have assured me that they will call me if they see strange persons on my property in the future.

As I write this piece for the paper, I am also checking the weather. I sure hope Florence will not give us too much trouble. I live near I-385 and today I could hear the traffic coming from the low country, folks running from the storm. I was living down there when a hurricane with the name Hazel came calling. It was no fun.

I am an old sea dog, having been in the Navy. I spent almost 2 years in the Far East during the forgotten war namely Korea. Once, the commander of the Pacific Fleet sent us to patrol the Formosa Straight to keep China from invading the island. It just happened to be the monsoon season. You guessed it, a storm hit us, and the waves bounced us around like a cork. It rained so hard that we had to stick a finger in our mouth to tell if it was rain or seawater hitting us in the face. Now that is what a monsoon is! Hope Florence is not too bad, and damage is minimal. Be Prepared…Heed the Warnings…Stay Safe!

P.S. I turned in this article as the storm was approaching. I’m glad the upstate and most of South Carolina was spared heavy damage. On the other hand, I’m sad that the storm caused so much destruction in North Carolina and some parts of eastern South Carolina. We were very fortunate.


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