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Local Lions Club to hold fund-raiser

In a joint announcement by The Simpsonville Centennial Lions and McDonalds Restaurants, The McDonalds restaurant at 924 NE Main in Simpsonville will be holding a special fundraising event for the local Centennial Lions Club on October 24th between 5 and 8 PM.

Lions are best known for their efforts to curb blindness. Numerous local individuals have been provided with eye exams and glasses, eye evaluations and related services, as determined by the exam. A newly established agenda of the Lions is the war in Diabetes. Diabetes is a growing concern in the United States, and is often the cause of blindness for those who have diabetes. The locally chartered club is also actively involved in Childhood illnesses, particularly Childhood Cancer. Any other project of need is considered for assistance, also.

Funds raised through this joint effort of the Lions and McDonalds go entirely into the local Lion’s Account used to help those in need. The donation from Mc-Donalds is based on the sales of diners in their restaurant on October 24th between 5 and 8. Inside sales, only, will be counted for the donation. Diners do not need to make the donation. A portion of what they pay for their meal will be given to the Centennial Lions. This is a great way to help the Lions as they address numerous local projects.

Mark your calendar, and plan to eat at Mc-Donalds at 924 East Main Street in downtown Simpsonville.

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