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Carolina Grower’s Group Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Local “Butcher Shop” provides quality meats at an attractive price.

Established in September 2016, Kristina “Tina” and Kevin Stredney will celebrate Carolina Grower’s Group (CGG) two-year anniversary of providing healthy meats to the Fountain Inn community this month. The Stredney’s noticed a need in the community for a butcher shop and clean nitrate-free meats. As a homegrown “Mom and Pop Shop”, they strive to provide locally sourced meats, products and delicious deli sandwiches. With high ratings on Google, the community can trust CGG to process and cut healthy meats for any home cooked meal.

“We wanted a small town shop with good quality meats”

Kevin and Tina were already farmers, so owning a meat processing business wasn’t a far-fetched idea. The couple had trouble finding nitrate-free and unprocessed meats in the area for Kevin’s diet. They started looking at options like raising their own pigs. When they realized the community needed a butcher shop, the wheels started to turn, “We wanted a small town shop with good quality meats,” Kevin says. That’s exactly what they provide to everyone who visits their store. Local farms such as Cedar Falls Farm, Mountain Creek Farms and Southern Oaks Dairy stock shelves with creamy and delicious milk, butter and eggs. The Stredney’s raise a lot of the pork, “It’s a healthier choice. We don’t use preservatives,” he says. All meats are hormone-free and cattle is raised grass-fed and grain finished.

Deli Sandwiches

A valuable service they provide to customers is they can bring in their own meats for a custom cut. Deli sandwiches are also tailored to customer’s customized orders with tasty condiments, cheese and meat options. Potato salad and sausages are made from scratch inhouse. Creative flavors result in mouth-watering meals including pizza and blueberry flavored sausages. Traditional mixtures are also offered including bacon infused burgers and maple-flavored breakfast meats.

Box Specials

Every week, box specials are available with incredible package deals on meats for family meal plans. For information on specials, check Facebook or subscribe to their newsletter. To experience healthy unique or traditional tastes, Kevin explains what CGG can offer over competition, “A great product at a great price with great customer service.” He ensures prices are competitive, “Our prices pretty much stay the same. We don’t fluctuate like grocery stores.”

Locally Sourced Farms

With locally sourced farms, the benefits spread throughout the community, “We’re trying to help the community, put people to work and fulfill our own needs.” The responses from the neighborhood have revealed gratitude, “The support we get is just awesome,” Kevin says. Thankful customers no longer have to ask, Where’s the beef? They can visit Carolina Grower’s Group for beef, poultry, pork and special meat blends.

Visit online at Carolinagrowersgroup.com for more information or stop by for lunch at 202 S. Weston Street, Fountain Inn. Store hours range Monday – Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 6 pm. Call 864-409-2323 with questions and allow CGG to halt the hunger. Family members will be forever grateful for natural flavorful meats.

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