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Angel Trumpet

Gardeners in the South love old-fashioned pass-along plants. Brugmansia, Angel Trumpet, is a classic for passing on or receiving from a friend. This is a bold, dramatic, show stopping plant when in bloom. The 6 to 10-inch trumpet flowers dangle from sturdy branches of a 6 to 7-foot shrub. All said, it is easy to grow.

They love sun, heat and moisture. Fertilize in the spring with a general-purpose fertilizer and then switch to one that has a high phosphorous formula as the flower buds begin to form. Also, as it grows during spring, prune the stems to encourage branching. More branches produce more flowers.

Angel Trumpet usually overwinters well in our area. To ensure that I always have an Angel Trumpet, I cut one or two stems when a frost is expected. Placed in a gallon jug in the garage, the stems will produce a rooted plant by spring.

Angel Trumpet comes in many colors such as yellow, gold, pink, red and white. The fragrance in the evening is divine. Hummingbirds and moths enjoy the nectar. The beauty of this plant belies the toxicity of its leaves, flowers and roots. Keep pets and children away from this plant.

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