Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: Lewis Vaughn is a Korean Veteran and served twenty years in the SC House and Senate

Dear Editor:

In October 2016, 59 years after the truce with North Korea was signed, Congress finally passed, and President Obama signed a resolution allowing a WALL OF REMEMBRANCE to be erected at the site of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D. C. The Wall will have the names of the 37k+ Americans that were Killed-in-Action (KIA), Missing-in-Action (MIA), or were Prisioners-of-War (POW’s) during the Korean War engraved in it, much like the Vietnam Wall. However no federal funding was provided for the Wall. Private money must pay for it.

In February 2017, Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA) Foothills Chapter #301 appointed a committee to raise funds for the 551+ South Carolinians who lost their lives in that “FORGOTTEN WAR.” I was asked to Chair that committee. I gladly accepted. It is way past time that America paid tribute to, and honored the heroes that paid the supreme price in that long ago and “FORGOTTEN WAR.”

We are trying hard to make sure the “FORGOTTEN WAR” will become known and remembered for what it really is/was; the “FORGOTTEN VICTORY.”  The men and women who fought in that war stopped the spread of communism in Southeast Asia and kept South Korea free. They should also not be “FORGOTTEN”, but “REMEMBERED.” The WALL OF REMEMBRANCE will do that.

When you do the math it comes to about $350.00 per name, or about $193K for SC. We set a goal of $200K for SC. We have raised more than $98k to date. We have broken it down by county and keep account of funds raised by county. Greenville had 55+. Simpsonville/Ft. Inn had three (Joseph Luther Trammell, Odell J. White (Ft. Inn) and Frank Goodwin, Jr. (Simpsonville).

We reached out to state community leaders. First I want to THANK YOU to those that have already contributed. We never divulge any information on contributors. We reached out to other highly successful community leaders in the area, but but have not received any responses as yet.

One would think area leaders would be grateful for the sacrifices made by veterans and their families, thus allowing them to live in a free country where they would be safe and could be successful and therefore would therefore be interested, or at least sympathetic, and would want to support veterans in general, and especially this most worthy of cause, honoring Korean War KIA’s and their families in this manner, but it appears that is not the case. That’s hurtful to all veterans, and their families, but especially so for Korean War Veterans. That makes us feel that we’re still being ignored and “FORGOTTEN”, and unworthy of being recognized in this manner.

THAT’S WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP. The goal for Simpsonville and Ft. Inn is $1,05. If we can spread the word throughout lower Greenville County, I believe the patrotic people of Lower Greenville County would agree the three young men (many were 18 & 19 years of age) Killed-in-Action during the Korean War deserve to be honored in this manner and would overwhelmingly support the fundraising efforts to have their names etched on the WALL OF REMEMBRANCE in Washington, D. C.

We’d love for those that can afford it to sponsor one name, but donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated. We are a 501 (c) (19) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Make checks payable to: KWVA Foothills Chapter #301. In the “FOR” area of the check BE SURE TO WRITE: “WOR.” We want to make sure all donations are properly accounted forContributors information will absolutely not be shared with anyone.


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