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2018 Memberfest will be held September 27 at CU-ICAR

During the month of September the Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce welcomes and recognizes new members that have joined over the past 12 months to the ever growing list of businesses taking advantage of investing in the Chamber and the Greater Mauldin community. The Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce has over 350 businesses, nonprofits, governmental, individual and supporter members.

We call this event Memberfest. It is held in the evening at CU-ICAR. Food, drink and entertainment are provided at no charge and all members are invited. The social networking and camaraderie are enjoyed by all. There is no formal program.

We welcome and thank our new and long term members for their investment, support, and encouragement. Our Membership base is the backbone of our efforts to not only support and promote business and commerce in the Greater Mauldin Community, but also to continue our hard work of enhancing and improving our community as a whole. We simply could not accomplish any of our goals without the support of our membership base.

Normal attendance is between 150-200 people.

Let us know if you would like to be a Memberfest Sponsor.

Thank You for your support to the Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce.

Pat Pomeroy President/CEO
Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce
P.O Box 881
Mauldin, South Carolina 29662


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