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Simpsonville City Council Election

To Whom it may Concern:

Voting always seems to me to be a great hardship because you truly want to elect the right person and sometimes you just don’t know who to believe. Aaron Rupe is the right person who will serve the citizens of Simpsonville. My name is Stan Rupe and I am the father of Aaron Rupe who is a candidate for Simpsonville City Council in Ward 2.

Aaron was raised in a Christian home and as a pastor’s son he attended Church whenever the doors were open. At a young age Aaron accepted Christ and has never varied from that path and has become a fine Christian man who is raising his family and serves in his church. Aaron and his wife Jen have three children, Lexi (13), Lily (8) and Jackson (6) that he is raising for the Lord.

Aaron has a kind heart and seeks to do what he can to help others and has come along to many people’s aid over the years.

Aaron is a man of principle and integrity, always keeping his promises. As Aaron’s father I can tell you that his running for office isn’t something that just happened, but has been on his heart and something he felt the Lord wanting him to do, for a long time.

After speaking with Aaron, he has promised to do right by Simpsonville and their citizens.
First, he has promised to fight for the leaf pick up again. He is burdened for those that has been effected by this and will do everything in his power to get this back the way that it was.

Secondly, he is a firm believer in paying off debt before incurring more. He feels that the Simpsonville Amphitheatre should be paid off first before spending money in other areas.

And thirdly, he is a huge lover of the arts but not at tax payers expense. He is all for an arts center but feels that it should be privately funded. He has also emphasized calling his constituents back when they have questions or concerns. He understands that he works for the people and owes them transparency. This he will do.

In Christ, Stan Rupe ♦

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