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Summer is over !

Taft Matney

Summer is rapidly drawing to a close. Where did it go, and why does summer move  faster as I get older?

Anyway, with summer’s end, a new school year is about to begin. Parents are heading to the malls with the kids to get a perfect new school wardrobe that will also be prominently featured in mom’s and dad’s “First Day of School” Facebook and Instagram posts.

Here’s a little secret the kids don’t want you to know. Although they aren’t ready for studying, they’re ready to get back to school.

Thankfully, Mauldin is fortunate to have some of the best public schools in Greenville County – from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

If you have kids in one of our two elementary schools – Mauldin Elementary or Bethel Elementary – you have a great principal in either Dr. Jamie Spinks or Nerissa Lewis.

Over the past few years, Mauldin Elementary has been able to boast:

• Palmetto Silver Award (Outstanding Student Academic Performance)
• Safe Kids Safe School Award
• Battle of the Books Area Winner
• 100% Teacher Participation in PTA
• Past District Support Person of the Year
• Two Past District Elementary Science Teachers of the Year
• Past District Assistant Principal of the Year
• State Beta Club Convention Winner
• National Beta Club Convention Winner

Not to be outdone, Bethel Elementary counts among its recent accomplishments:

• National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
• Palmetto Gold Award
• GCS Teacher of the Year
• National Beta Club School of Distinction Award
• South Carolina Red Carpet Award
• Safe Kids Safe School Award
• Palmetto’s Finest Award
• Greenville County Assistant Administrator of the Year Award
• 100% PTA Membership

Mauldin Middle is led by Chris Kilian – former assistant principal at Mauldin High. With approximately 1000 students, Mauldin Middle’s vision is to create a collaborative community that ensures life long learners who are responsible, productive citizens by encouraging discovery and exploration through personalized learning. Mauldin Middle and its student body proudly wear a number of honors, like their elementary school counterparts.

• Red Carpet School
• 100% PTA Membership
• Athletic Team Awards
• Band Festival Awards
• SC Junior Scholar
• Project Unify Grant Winner for Special Olympics
• National Board Certified Teachers
• Silver Closing the GAP Award
• PTA Reflection Winners
• Duke Scholars Awards
• United Way Campaign Award

Golden Strip Career Center is one of the area’s most important schools, but it’s one that isn’t talked about as much as the others. As a supplement to high school, under the direction of J. F. Lucas, the Golden Strip Career Center offers students the opportunity to take courses with job-skill driven curricula. Students also have the opportunity to pursue a technical career interest while earning high school credit and dual credit (college credit). Some programs are one year and some are two years with each culminating in students earning licenses, national certifications, or college credit. The courses are designed for students who are planning on pursuing a twoyear associate degree, a four-year degree, or a career after graduation.

Finally, beginning his second year as principal at Mauldin High School, Mike Peake leads the county’s flagship high school. With 2400 students (give or take) and a larger population than 42 towns in South Carolina, Mauldin High School is the largest high school in Greenville County. Demographically, MHS is suburban high school where the majority of students perform at or above the national average on standardized tests. Ranked the 10th best high school in South Carolina by US News and World Report, Mauldin High also offers more Advanced Placement (AP) classes than any school in Greenville County.

We always talk about the reasons people want to move to Mauldin. Our schools always make that list, so please keep our students, teachers, and administrators in mind as you see out students heading back to school. The time to sit back and unwind is over. One more thing, watch your speed as you drive through our school zones. Our officers are going to make sure everyone gets to their destinations safely.

— Taft Matney serves in Seat 1 on Mauldin city Council. He can be reached at tmatney@ mauldincitysc.com.

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