Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

One thing for sure, we don’t KNOW what may happen each day. You just might get a surprise!

Last Sunday afternoon I was sitting on my deck, l as I often do on weekends. I have a very long driveway and a lot of my neighbors like to walk by and enjoy all of the scenery. This I welcome.

I have a few statues on the place and one of them is St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. It is located on my driveway in a niche that I dug out of the hill.

Last Sunday, as I sat on the deck, a young couple came up the drive and he had something on his shoulder. You guessed it…he was stealing my St. Francis statue! I caught up with him as he crossed Westwood Drive. I asked him to put my statue on the lawn, but he just smiled. So, I repeated put it on the lawn and leave and I won’t call the police. He laid the statue down and as he stood back up he was fumbling in his waist. He pulled out an automatic pistol and aimed it at my stomach saying, “Backup, Backup!” Quickly I backed up. All I can remember of him is that he lives on Sellwood Circle. He is blondish and had a small white goatee. His wife was a redhead and said nothing. He finally turned to her and handed her the gun. That eased my nerves a little bit. As he walked away, I picked up my statue and replaced it where it belonged.

What a surprising and sad Sunday afternoon. I had no idea I would ever experience this kind of incident!

Till next time,


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