Certified Wildlife Habitat

Would you like to have your yard or garden certified as a Wildlife Habitat? You can do it! It’s not too complicated to create a welcoming haven for your local wildlife!

There is an online application tool at that will ask you questions about the elements you are already providing for wildlife and it will help you know what other elements you will need to add before your certification is complete.

You can down load a checklist that will be very helpful in your progress and before you know it…you will have a garden or yard filled with activity…birds, butterflies, bees, frogs, lizards and a huge variety of wildlife that will be amazing to watch!

Once your certification is complete, you will be able to purchase an attractive garden sign that will designate your garden as a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation. There are a number of other benefits listed on the website. Certify in August for a chance to win a birdfeeder from

Here is a picture of our Certified Wildlife Habitat sign…notice it lists the four basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive! There is a newly designed sign featuring Ranger Rick, the NWF ambassador.♦

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