Eucomis (Purple Lily)

Eucomis, commonly referred to as Pineapple Lily, is a striking plant in the summer garden. It sends up deep bur­gundy strappy leaves in spring. Then in late June florettes begin to rise which can reach 20-30 inches tall. These florettes resemble pine­apples so therefore it’s common name. The flower stalk produc­es tiny, starry flowers that glisten in the sun. When the blooms are present, the leaves take on a greenish burgundy color but then turn deep burgundy again in fall.

Eucomis prefers moist, rich and well drained soil in full sun. It can tolerate a bit of shade. This plant dies back in win­ter but is easy to grow.

It is pest and disease free and deer do not eat it. What more can you ask from a plant? This one delivers!♦

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