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Jack Pendarvis

Did You KNOW?

I’m sorry that I missed the press time last issue. I’ll just say at the time I was recov­ering from a cancer removal from my fore­head. If you have ever had a wart or a pimple that starts to grow, do not put off seeing a dermatologist. My local doctor sent me to one. He shaved it off and sent it to the lab. The next day he called to say that it was pos­itive and he removed it. The roots had spread 3 inches across my brow. Please check your­self often just to stay on the safe side!

I usually go to the farmer’s market at Simp­sonville Park on Saturday mornings. I always find good vegetables there. Last Saturday I had a new experi­ence. I was walking to my car and I heard a female voice behind me call, “Hey, vet, I wear my Korea service hat sometimes too!” I turned around to meet her and she asked me, “May I give you a hug?” I said, “Sure!” After the hug she told me if it were not for you guys, I would not be here. I still wonder who she was and what her situation could have been. I don’t KNOW if she was from Simpsonville but I thanked her with another quick hug and went to my car.

I served in the Navy and like so many guys I was aboard a Navy destroyer for four years and made nine-month trips to the War zone. Our mission was to patrol the shoreline and escort the troop carriers into the invasions. A destroyer is a junior battleship, we had a lot of firepower and we could lay a heavy smoke screen to hide the transports. It was a dangerous and exciting time. I was proud to serve and feel honored to be thanked for my service!

Until next time, stay safe and well!


PS: If you are the young lady at the park give me a call 864-288-8414. I’d love to talk to you again!

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