eXp Realty – The Agent Owned, Cloud Based Brokerage

By now you have seen at least a few blue and yellow signs around town, so it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  We are getting too big to be a “secret” Real Estate company.  I get asked all the time “What makes eXp Realty different…better?”  My quick answer is “just about everything”. It seems that whatever an agent is missing at their current brokerage…eXp Realty has it.  However, even more important than what we have to offer Agents is, how does the greatness of this company benefit our clients?  After all, without these tried and true folks, we would have no business at all.

My favorite analogy is how the world switched from Blockbuster Video, a brick and mortar company with debts to pay and a huge overhead, to Netflix. That change brought convenience and introduced a new wave of technology efficiency that no one can deny.  At eXp Realty, being a cloud based, agent owned, debt free…YES, YOU JUST HEARD THAT RIGHT…eXp Realty is a DEBT FREE company.  Almost unheard of in our society.  But wouldn’t you agree that a simple fact like that alone makes it a company worth investigating?  How do we do it?  How do we eliminate the overhead and still have the highest paid Realtors in our industry?  Easy, our structure has been designed by the very best in the Real Estate field.

Well, I still haven’t told you, Mr/Mrs Buyer and Mr/Mrs Seller, how this equates any benefit in your direction.  Let me ask you this, when you do business with a company where their employees, staff, and associates are treated with respect and honor, how do those teams in effect service you?  When you go to a high-end resort, who smiles at you, takes your bags, shows you to your room and says “My Pleasure”?  That’s right…this is how you are rewarded for working with the best of the best.  It’s truly “Our Pleasure” to help you conduct the largest business transaction you will ever encounter.  Not just the biggest in monetary value, but the most important decision you will make for your family.

Here are some significant recognition pieces to read about further if you would like more information about eXp Realty.

  • eXp Realty Named a Best Place to Work in Glassdoor’s 2018 Employees’ Choice Awards
  • eXp Realty Named Most Innovative Real Estate Company in the World  by Inman News

And maybe one of the most paramount announcements to date is that eXp World Holdings’, our parent company, just started trading on Nasdaq.  This shows our 100% commitment to our brand, our agents, our clients and our competitors by offering complete transparency.  We have nothing to hide and everything for you to gain.

Please feel free to contact me at 864-982-2272 with any questions you may have.  I’m always here to help with any of your Real Estate needs, and I look forward to hearing from you.♦

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