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Damage at historic site in Gray Court

In Gray Court we have the historic Culbertson Back Country Settlement. It is like walking through History with two log cabins that date back to 1800, a block house, Ora Presbyterian Church, one room African American School, black smith shop and other out buildings.

In the fall, we have Pioneer Day for the community and beyond to enjoy.  It is a Family Fun day to walk thru history. Children can read about history in a book, but the adventure comes alive when they experience the smell, sounds, and sights of everyday life in a log cabin.

Most people that visit this site don’t understand that we numbered the logs, and stones to rebuild the structures that they are seeing. There was physical labor from many friends (and a handful of dedicated Senior citizens in the Gray Court Owings Historical Societ) to move and restore the cabins, church, school, and other buildings.It is a special place!

On April 26, Sarah Jane Armstrong, received a call to go look at the Backcounty!  “My heart and eyes could not believe what I saw! A truck backed into the cemetery wall and came within two feet of hitting the 1880 church.

Also, a World War I veteran’s monument of Cop. Thomas Peden, who died in 1918, was also damaged. His marker reads, “Rest, Soldier, Rest…The Warfare is Over” Truckers have disturbed Corporal Thomas Peden’s grave 100 years later. The 18 wheeler truck also killed our young Magnolia tree and flower bed planted in memory of my Mother. My heart is broken!”

The trucker did not stop to report the damage. The trucks have been coming down Owings Street, Gray Court thinking they were at the Owings Industrial Park, Owings. The GPS is wrong. These big trucks have damaged the tree limbs for at least 2 years, but this damage is much worse. It’s hard to understand how they can drive down Owings Street and see log cabins and think they are at the entrance of the Owings Industrial Park.

We need signs at Highway 101 and Georgia Road saying “NO Trucks”, “No Turn Around”, and “TRUCKS DO NOT ENTER”.

We appreciate any support to please help STOP the trucks from entering into our historic site!

Thank you,

Sarah Jane Armstrong – Vice President of the Gray Court Owings Historical Society 864-876-3712

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