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In the recent past, there has been drug trafficking, attempted abduction, car theft, personal property theft, bank robberies, human trafficking (arrests made by the county on city residents), loss of over half of the employees of one department due to terminations or resignations, improper promotions, loss of K 9s and the equipment, lack of community policing, suicide across the street from the police department, murder and probably more of which I am not aware.

It seems that recent decisions made by one department have been made for what’s best for individuals and not for the citizens. Some employees were recently threatened by a supervisor employee during a department meeting that, if they discussed anything outside of the department, they would be terminated. This type of management discourages development of relationships between employees and citizens because employees are afraid of talking. A recent promotion was filled by hiring a former employee from outside the department instead of going through the promotion process thus leaving several qualified and current employees out.  Again, another demoralizing decision that causes distrust among the ranks that directly reflects in lacking the ability to do their job properly. It appears the good ole boy system of operating where you must abide and agree with their decisions, lose your job or miss out on chances to be promoted is alive and well in this city.  How can you do your job properly and have the threat of termination constantly in the back of your mind? We have gone from #1 safest city in South Carolina based on 2015 when Keith Grounsell was Chief of Police, to not even in the top 20 due to crime increases or a lack of reporting.

It is very clear that under the current leadership on this epic council and at one of the departments, they have not done their jobs and it is time to make changes to get it right. You need to admit your failures and do something different.  What is the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Shame on you for creating this problem.  The citizens of this city are saying, fix it now.♦

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