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Rick “Pirate Hunter” Grover

If you’ve been reading this column even for a short time, you’ll know that I often use references to the animal kingdom to bring home a point about personal or home defense. For example, do you realize how a beautiful heron or egret protects themselves while walking along the edge of the Florida Everglades fishing, against a seemingly invincible and overly aggressive alligator attack?  They use their very sharp, accurate and lighting quick beak to strike at the alligator’s eyes, not the boney armor that covers most of an alligator’s body. When we’re attacked on the street by an equally aggressive and seemingly invincible animal, our first strike should often be against the eyes to injure or disrupt the attacker long enough to break their knee and escape.

Today, we’re going to illustrate another wild animal adventure in order to drive home one of the most important discussions of the day, gun confiscation/control.  Imagine an African Cheetah chasing down a gazelle on the plains. The gazelle doesn’t appear to have a chance. Their only defense is their speed and horns. The cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth, so the speed of the gazelle isn’t much of an advantage. The horns are the only defense they really have when cornered to keep from becoming the cheetah’s lunch.

How much sense then, would it make to say, ‘Let’s cut the horns off the gazelle, just to make sure they don’t stab some other animal by mistake” ?  Seems like that would give the total advantage to the cheetah and other predators that would want to kill the gazelle population.  Now we look at American society in the wake of the horrible Parkland school shootings. Considering the cheetah vs gazelle example does it make sense to remove the guns from law abiding citizens that use them to protect their very lives and those of their family members ? How has that worked in other countries where they banned guns and disarmed their populations ?  The violent crime rate when up drastically, especially rapes and home invasions.  The cheetahs knew the horns had been forcibly removed from their favorite prey, but the cheetah still had his speed, cunning, power, teeth and claws. Again, looking at other countries where guns are banned, the human condition still hasn’t changed, the violent people that want to control, injure or kill others, just find another weapon to use, equally deadly against multiple victims. They drive box trucks or cars thru crowds of people shopping, they create a bomb like the Boston Marathon bombers or McVeigh who used fertilizer to create a massive explosion and many deaths of the innocent.

So, you see the blame isn’t just on the rampant use of psychotic drugs on our children to calm them down after diagnosing them correctly or not, as being ADHD – hyperactive. It’s not just the glorification of violent video games that celebrate mass murder, or the rap music that promotes violence in almost every lyric. It’s not just the systematic removal of God from every public institution and the political attempt to silence our churches. In short, it’s not just an American problem.  Anywhere that you travel across the globe, you’ll find a dark, brutal segment of that population that wants to hurt others, and that is called pure evil. Neither new laws, or even the complete removal of every gun on the planet will resolve this problem.

How then should we solve the school shootings, or those that occur at other ‘soft-targets’, or ‘gun-free’ zones ?  Our children, our families are worth way more than the money in our banks, and we use armed guards to protect those, so let’s immediately take steps to add common sense security measures to our schools, churches, malls and large public events.  Knee-jerk reactions never work, and can often make the problem worse, but let’s not over-analyze this and not do anything. There are plenty of retired Veteran’s like myself of our military, police, fire and ems services that would volunteer in a heart beat to become part of an iron-shield to protect our children and our future leaders. Schools in Israel don’t have these types of attacks, and I just explained why.  May God bless and protect America again.

Don’t be a victim…be a Street Survivor !

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Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we’re all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we’ll be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !♦

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