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Greenville County Historical Society When history is worth repeating

When the winter meeting of the Greenville County Historical Society was held in February 1963, State Archives Director Dr. Charles Lee discussed the “Genealogy of South Carolina Public Records” with Society members in the Parish Hall of Christ Church. He described “the increasing complexity of archival materials, and the difficulties and challenges of collecting, cataloging, and preserving the records in the South Carolina Archives.”

Dr. Lee’s preservation message still resonates today. Saving something historic is one challenge while preserving it is another entirely. Whether it is documents, an oral history or structures and buildings, they all require generational stewardship. The winter meeting of the Historical Society, to be held later this month, will showcase the restoration of Christ Church, a shining example of the preservation of our historic resources.

Two years ago, Christ Church closed its doors to begin its most extensive update since the late 1960s. The project involved the restoration of stained glass windows dating back to World War I, replacing the roof, the addition of a new chapel and the renovation of the Undercroft. The Historical Society is pleased to welcome the public into the historic chapel on Sunday, February 25th at 3 pm, for Christ Church: A Restoration Story. There is no charge to attend, and the program will be followed by a reception and tours.

Contact the society office for more information (864-233-4103 or, and follow the Greenville County Historical Society on Facebook for the latest news and events.♦

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