Did You Know?

Jack Pendarvis

Well if I knew what type of weather we would have these last few days, I think I would have gone back down to Jamaica or one of the other islands in the sun! Wow, it’s been cold!

On the other hand, it’s a good thing I was around. On Thursday morning one of my renters called to give me some wonderful news. Her hot water pipes had burst and were flooding her place. Of course, I don’t have a plumber on call, so I stayed under her house most of the day. When I fixed one leak another would start dripping. I am sure other folks had problems too. I finally found a plumber in Travelers Rest that said he would help me out, but he had a list of jobs ahead of mine. We finished up around 4 o’clock but it took an hour to scrape the mud off, so I could shower.

On the lighter side my pond was frozen over and when the wild geese came, it was fun to see them hit the ice. They slid about 50 feet before they could stop. As they neared the dam they had to really flap their wings. Their feet were stretched out in front and they had their wings flapping hard while trying to stop before hitting the dam. It was a sight to see!

You can imagine hearing them saying, “Oh No”!  It was funny to watch them before Mother Nature took over and reminded them to use their talons to hold and break. The next day they came in and I was ready to see the show again, but animals are smart. They came in like a helicopter and landed very slow and softly. I’ve always said dumb animals are smart. It only took one bad landing to teach them another way to come in. Wish you could’ve seen the show! It was great!

Stay warm…Stay dry…and remember, Winter is not over yet!♦


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