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Arbor Day – Fountain Inn’s 16th year as a Tree City

South Carolina has a very unique statue among the 50 states when it comes to celebrating Arbor Day. Ours is the ONLY state to celebrate it in December instead of April.

On Friday, Dec. 1, the city of Fountain Inn hosted its 2017 Arbor Day program at Fairview Park. Sheila Miller shared the informative history of Arbor Day, which began in 1872 in the state of Nebraska.

J. Sterling Morton promoted planting trees on the plains of Nebraska to provide protection from the wind, to help with erosion and to provide shade and food sources. On the first official Arbor Day in Nebraska over one million trees were planted!

South Carolina chose the first Friday in December as our official time for Arbor Day because the trees are dormant then and it lessens the shock of transplanting them.

At the program on Friday, the Rotary Club of Fountain Inn led the Pledge of Allegiance and Chris Barrineau opened with prayer.

Sheila Miller also referenced the fact that this is now our 16th year as a TREE CITY because our town chooses to make trees a priority. The TREE CITY flag flies at City Hall.

Shawn Bell, our new City Administrator, read the Proclamation from the Mayor, declaring December 1st as Arbor Day. It encourages residents to plant trees to make our community healthier and more beautiful. Sheila Miller accepted the Proclamation on behalf of the Fountain Inn Garden Club. Jessie Shumpert closed the program.

TREES GREENVILLE donated the oak tree which was planted at Fairview Park.

So…residents, businesses, and schools…plant a tree for the future! It’s very important!♦

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