Plant of the Month Manhonia

Most of us are familiar with this prickly, evergreen plant often called Oregon Grape. Birds eat the grape like berries and spread the seeds in our gardens and forests. Gloves are needed to work with this plant. It is on the invasive list and we should not plant it.

Now there is a new Mahonia that we can pet like a puppy!  It is thornless! It is called Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’.  With bamboo like narrow leaves, compact size and a fragrant, yellow winter bloom, it is perfect in containers or in the ground. It likes shade or part shade with moist soil until established. Then it is drought tolerant in shade. After flowering, this all season, evergreen plant produces silvery blue berries to continue the show into spring.

It has been chosen as Chelsea Flower Show plant of the year in 2013. So you can be sure this Mahonia will be a winner in your garden!♦


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