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Letter to Editor

I was at the Council meeting a few weeks ago and I’m having trouble understanding something that was passed.  They voted 3-2 to raise the registration fee to run for city office from $100 to $300.  Here’s what I don’t understand.  The 3 in favor say that this would essentially eliminate citizens from running that are not “serious”.  Here’s the problem to this: after studying history in school for many years and teaching HS history for several years, I have come to believe that it’s everyone’s Constitutional rights to run for City, State or National office.  EVERYONE.  No one should be exempted from this privilege.  It was the wish of our forefathers to allow anyone to run, no matter how rich or poor they may have been.  They wanted every ordinary person to be able to serve, not just the upper class.  If someone wants to run for office and not take it serious, then they simply wouldn’t win.  It’s not the right for Council to prevent someone from exercising their rights as a US Citizen.

A second thing that doesn’t make any sense is how this is going to help the bottom line?  If it’s to get more revenue for the city then consider this…..3 candidates to pay an extra $200 for a grand total of an extra $600.  Really??  And where does that extra whopping $600 go?

So it makes me truly wonder what this is really all about?


Aaron Rupe
City Council


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