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Liberals or Conservatives… Who will you vote for?

When it comes to spending our tax dollars here in Simpsonville, are we liberal or conservative?  This has nothing to do with what political party you are affiliated with…it’s your frame of mind.

Currently, the Mayor and three other council members are what I would consider very liberal. Their intent, over the past two years, has been to provide abundant entertainment with our money while cutting back on necessary services and raising fees. Over the past year a trash removal system which had worked brilliantly for decades was tossed in favor of an outside firm under the guise of not being able to afford to continue doing it ourselves. It has cost way more money than originally anticipated and they have finally gone back to picking up our brush and limbs but there is no relief in sight for leaf pickup or recycling in the mobile home parks.  Crime is on the rise and drugs are abundant, but rest assured there will be “Dancing in the Streets”.

Now we have three other like minded people they have chosen to join their ranks.  One of their supporters commented, “We have the best politicians money can buy”.  Yes, indeed we do. They were bought and paid for and as such their allegiance is owed, not to us citizens, but to the people who put up the money.  On the other side of this election, we have three people running who I consider fiscal conservatives.  They realize it is not governments place to provide entertainment, but it is their place to provide trash pickup with no excuses. They will not be overloading your mailbox with postcards or disturbing you with robo calls because they don’t have a “big money” backer with an agenda.  They are businessmen who have realistic, common sense ideas on how to run a city. They will be out trying to meet as many of you as possible.  I know who I’m voting for…..What about you?  Remember, you can vote for all three.



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