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Letter to editor

Tax Vote

On September 5th the voters of Laurens County School District 55 did two things. First and foremost they voted against a proposed $109 million tax increase. The vote was 77% against the tax increase. The Laurens County Libertarian Party stands with the voters, and opposes all tax increases. Secondly, it was a vote of no confidence in the District’s Superintendent, Dr. Peters, and the Board of Trustees’ ability to lead our school district. The Trustees and Superintendent lobbied for this referendum, all except Mr. Mike Fortune. The magnitude of the vote against this measure speaks loudly to how out of step the current Board of Trustees and Superintendent are with the constituency they are elected to serve. The Laurens County Libertarian Party respectfully requests that Superintendent Peters and the Board of Trustees, with the exception of Mr. Mike Fortune, immediately resign.

James Kamp – Chairman Laurens County Libertarian Party
Bill Michaud – Vice Chairman Laurens County Libertarian Party

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