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Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:

The Gray Court Owings Historical Society wants to thank everyone for making our 15th annual Pioneer Day a success.The community support and down home atmosphere were so conducive to helping our guests appreciate their Heritage.

The Native Americans and re-enactors from  the American Revolutionary War through the War Between the States created a walk through history.The artists from weavers to blacksmiths  gave us a glimpse into the past.The bluegrass music and shaped – note singing were music for the soul.

All of our volunteers from parking to clean-up were greatly appreciated. We especially appreciate the Town of Gray Court, Laurens County Parks and Recreation and Tourism, The Laurens County Sheriff’s Department, WLBG raido, and Boyd Stoddard.

The horses, bunnies,bees, and honey and the chickens were a treat to the eyes and ears along with the hit and miss machines.We had several authors selling books on early life in the backcountry, “ Discovering Laurens County Books “ and “The Pictorial History of Gray Court Owings. “

Pioneer Day 2017 was in memory of Cherokee Chief Gene Norris, who was remembered with a special service and Cherokee story telling. All veterans were recognized with an American flag.Several lineage societies participated in the patriotic program and local political figures signed the Constitution Proclamations.Our National Anthem, the Star – Spangled Banner, is 203 years old this year. We love to sing our Patriotic songs and fly our American flags.
We had teachers from Europe and South America in the FACE program, who wanted to see early American life and to meet Americans.They were amazed that Americans once lived in simple log cabins.

Our next event we will celebrate Thanksgiving on November 18 at the Culbertson Backcounty Settlement. We will have a music service at 11:00 am. and lunch afterwards.Everyone is asked to bring a dish for the Thanksgiving Picnic.

A big thank you to Bob and Connie Gecy and Jack Pendarvis of the Sentinel.Your pictures were worth a thousand words.

Laurens County has a rich heritage and we thank everyone for helping us preserve our past. We give tours of Gray Court and Owings and welcome new members.

Gray Court Owings Historical Society

Dianne Culbertson… President

Sarah Jane Armstrong … Vice President
( 864-876-3712 )


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