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Letter to Editor

Letter to the Editor

Mauldin City Council Election

We have known Terry Merritt for about 20 years.  He is a man with Christian values, a man of integrity, and a man you can trust and depend on.  Terry is a man who stands tall for what he believes in and he loves and believes in the City of Mauldin.  Terry has a strong desire to serve this great city and will uphold this office to the best of his ability and to make Mauldin  a safe and clean environment in which to live, work, shop, and establish a profitable business if you desire.  Terry Merritt is a responsible person with a positive attitude and anticipates the City of Mauldin to build a city of culture, respected entertainment, recreation, and sports.  Terry wants the residents of Mauldin to be proud to say “I live in Mauldin, S. C., the city with a future”.  Terry is married to a wonderful Christian lady who will strongly support her husband as he serves this great City of Mauldin.

Tommy and Anne Kellett
Kellett’s Korner, Inc.♦


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