All Orange Butterflies Aren’t Monarchs

It’s the time of year that butterflies are filling the air. I see them fluttering around our garden all day. There is quite a variety of colors in the butterflies that I’m seeing, but so many are orange or at least they have lots of orange on them.

Since there is so much information available about the Monarch Migration and the dangers that the Monarchs are facing, “I see a Monarch” is the first thought that usually pops up when you see an orange butterfly!

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of butterflies with lots of orange color that are not Monarchs.  As you look for these butterflies, think…Monarchs are large, Gulf Fritillaries are medium, and the American Ladies are small.

That will help you identify them.  Study the differences in the pictures…it will be exciting to surprise your friends with your new found knowledge. Is that a Monarch I see? No, I think that is a Gulf Fritillary!


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