A Muhly Grass in the Garden

Muhly Grass is an undistinguishable green grass most of the year. However, in October, it begins to bloom in delicate pink plumes. When it is in bloom, every plant lover asks, “What is that plant?”

Its botanical name is Muhlenbergia capillaris, named after early-American scientist and self-taught botanist, Gotthilf Muhlenberg.  There is also a less popular white flowering Muhlenbergia called ‘White Cloud’.  Both are simply beautiful flowering in mass in the fall.

Muhly Grass is a native  perennial grass and grows to about 4 feet when in bloom. It requires good drainage but is drought tolerant once established in the garden. The secret to growing Muhly Grass is to look for it in nurseries in the spring. Planting it in spring helps the plant get established to withstand winter conditions.

Watch for flowering Pink Muhly Grass all over town in October but remember to buy it and plant it in spring.♦

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