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The Powdersville Garden Club celebrates 50th Anniversary

Ronnie Ferrell and Miss Willie Photo by Ted Hood

In 1967 a group of friends and neighbors from the Powdersville community met at the late Lela Kellett’s house for a luncheon, and the Powdersville Garden Club was formed.  The Club that started with eleven Charter members is still very active today, with a membership of over 50, and with visitors welcomed to attend each meeting.

In honor of the Club’s 50th Anniversary, Mayor Larry Bagwell, City of Easley, signed a Proclamation “recognizing the Powdersville Garden Club, and urging its residents to thank them for 50 years of encouraging horticultural and environmental excellence, and the love of gardening in the Community of Powdersville.”

The Club also had a special luncheon on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, celebrating their anniversary, and recognizing members with over 5 years of service with a yellow rose.  Those recognized were Willie Garrett (28 years, and longest living serving member), Hilda Dragos, Lois Bridges, Floree Pettit, Betty Terry, Nancy May, Doris Morgan, Jenny Kingman, Trudy Bales, Tibia Johns, Sandy Andersen, Joyce Carruthers, Dottie Morgan, Sue Ercolini, Caroline Hood, Joyce Holcombe, Jeri King, and Sandy Sewell.

All Club members received a copy of the Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor, with the original being presented by Powdersville Garden Club President, Ron Ferrell, to Mrs. Willie Garrett.♦


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