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Mauldin Economic development review

Mauldin is truly experiencing a renaissance in the purest sense that a revival of the heart and soul of Mauldin is taking place.  Mauldin is a great community with great people who have shaped and formed its destiny for years.

We are standing on the shoulders of those who have given us such a wonderful foundation.  Just a few examples of this renaissance are: the Beachin Friday’s Series that has engaged many people in the community with opportunity to reconnect, meet new friends and celebrate the great heritage of the former High School/Elementary School that now serves as cultural center and amphitheater.  An average of over 550 people attended each weeks events and it continues to grow.  Additionally the Mauldin BeWell Farmers Market sponsored by Bon Secours had another successful season and helped further community spirit.

Continuing the spirit of revival was the opening and renovation of several new and existing retail businesses like Jon Kane Fashions, who with his daughters designs and manufactures women’s accessories, the relocation of Little Pigs, a Mauldin mainstay for over 30 years, the recent opening of ACE Hardware and future development of the Ingles property site, the renovation of Wendy’s boosting business and sales, and soon to open Tropical Grille.  These all represent the diversity and spirit of Mauldin and there is more to come.  The recent announcement of Courtyard by Marriott alongside the new BB&T Mortgage servicing center will combine and create 800+ jobs in Mauldin, the construction of ODAR, Office of Disability and Adjudication Review, on North Main, MP Husky and several other projects in the works will add to those numbers by over 400 next year, not including the major Center Pointe Development.

And if that weren’t enough, Mauldin was fortunate to experience the expansion and location of many corporate companies to its community, Morley: 270 jobs over next two years /$1.7 million in investment, Anyone Home: 570 jobs over next 5 years/$1.1 million in investment, TTI: (Turbine Technology) 50-75 jobs over the next two years/$20 million in investment, Verizon: $3.5 million expansion adding 270 jobs and there is room for more.  But this type of activity doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  This happens because there is a team in place working hard to bring opportunity to our city.  GADC, Upstate Alliance, SC Commerce and many local real estate brokers have been working hard to help drive our expansion.  But then there is Mauldin local, our Public Works, Business Services, Recreation, Police and Fire and Community Development working as a team continue to make the quality of life, recruitment efforts and development possible, all the while looking back at those who have put us in right place at the right time.  Our Mayor, City Council and City leadership working in concert have also created an environment where our team thrives.  And did we mention all the help along the way, the recent votes of Greenville County Council, Greenville School District, grant partners and foundation supporters all point to the fact that no-one can accomplish so much alone, it really takes a team pulling in the same direction and look at what can be accomplished.  Hats off to the Mauldin team who has worked hard to set this renaissance in motion!

-Van Broad♦


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