Street Survival Tactics

Happy Summer Street Survivors, hope all is well with you and yours.

If you’re paying attention to the national news you’ll know that President Trump and his team have taken a hard line against gang activity across the country, with special emphasis on the brutal Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13 gang from El Salvador.  Hundreds of arrests have taken place and the gangs are feeling the pressure.  Our role as trained Street Survivors continues to be eyes, ears and the First Line of Defense for our families and neighborhoods. Gangs do exist in our little corner of paradise and turning a blind eye will always have the same historical end result; the cancer will continue to grow at a faster rate than you can imagine. An open dialogue has to exist between our local police department, sheriff offices and community at large.  We are not individuals alone on an island trying to be our own private security force, we’re part of a fabric of trained civilians, dedicated law enforcement officers, television, radio and print media that warn and report of dangers in our communities.

Criminal gangs include street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, terrorist groups, racial extremist groups and others, and are loosely defined as a group of 5 or more that are created to perform criminal activity.

Key indicators that a gang is working in your local area include excessive school bullying, disorderly youth in public areas, drive by shootings, open air drug sales, juvenile runaways, unreported crimes, and witness intimidation to name a few.

Comprehensive strategies in dealing with this serious problem involve active community participation, rapid and accurate communication tools, immediate response by police and other emergency teams, prevention and intervention tools offered in the school system, suppression of early gang activity and tough judges in our courts.  A lot of gang recruitment takes place in the prison system which is a very tough area to address and find solutions for. Some of our Sheriff’s across the country have had great success in reducing gang crime and I have full confidence that our newly elected Greenville Sheriff Will Lewis is using all options at his disposal including old school techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

Stay strong and focused Street Survivors, we need each other !

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Rick ‘Pirate Hunter’ Grover strongly believes we’re all in this together, and the more we learn and train, the better we’ll be prepared for any eventuality. This makes all of us part of an amazing neighborhood team of American Patriots. God Bless America !  ♦

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