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Mauldin City Council report

Several important decisions were made; votes taken and approvals granted in the following areas during the Monthly Mauldin City Council Meeting for JULY 2017.

a)    The Proposal to allow Dogs on leashes in City Parks was APPROVED by a vote of 5-2!  Of course, there are many restrictions that will apply, i.e. service dogs; proper clean up; and observance of inappropriate or aggressive behavior from a dog in which the owner would be asked to leave the park.

b)    The Property of Shanks Driving Range on West Butler Road and the multi-acreage site behind this site was approved for annexation to prepare for multi-family housing in the future.

c)    Three Resolutions were discussed in a private executive session and once the City Council returned to the public area; these resolutions were presented and voted on.   The Council unanimously approved the first Resolution in support of the Centerpointe Project!

The Council voted unanimously for the Downtown Mauldin Project!  And, the Property acquisition proposal was also approved!

You may be asking, “What are these 3 Resolutions and how do they affect Mauldin and my family”?

The Centerpointe Project

The Centerpointe Project involves a tract of 78 acres of land along I-385 beside Charter Communications.   This decision will help developers who are trying to bring a mixed-use urban village to the outskirts of Mauldin where the value and the development of businesses closer to Mauldin will enhance so much!

The Downtown Mauldin Plan Resolution

The Downtown Mauldin Plan Resolution will allow the plans to proceed for more serious approaches to the plans that were developed and updated over many years by many different representatives giving input for the future of Mauldin which will include a “Downtown”!

Purchase Acquisitions

Purchase Acquisitions involves the purchase of some properties that are available that will be included in the master plan for the “Downtown Mauldin” Project!♦


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