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Trucks, Tractors and Dirt

A very popular movie our Grandsons watch all the time is called “Trucks, Tractors and Trains!”  As we drove by the Cultural Center with our Grandchildren recently we noticed equipment everywhere!   The Grandsons were THRILLED and shouted, “Trucks, Tractors and DIRT”!

Mauldin Cultural Center demolition has begun!   You may have noticed lots of activity along the outside of the Mauldin Cultural Center area between the building and the back of the Log Cabin.   The dump trucks and back hoes and bulldozers arrived in mid-July to prepare this area for the new paved parking lot that will be located behind the Log Cabin (future home of the Ice Cream Station #2)!  This parking lot will also be paved alongside the cabin at the entrance from Murray Drive.  All the broken pavement and uneven soil has been smoothed by the giant Orange Bulldozers and Scrapers and front-end loaders to prepare the surface for our new and improved parking lots.   This will add another 50-75 parking spaces to accommodate not only the Ice Cream Station customers; but also, the spaces needed for event parking and classes and camps that are held daily at the Cultural Center!

So, what’s next?Once the new parking lot is completed (we hope, weather permitting; by early August); we will see the next steps begin to happen that are going to be awesome for our children and families of our Community!

Our Mauldin Rotary Club has raised funds during the past two (2) years to begin to implement our “dream” of a Mauldin Rotary Club Family Picnic Area!!  This process will begin to take shape as soon as the paving and parking lot is completed.

You will notice that Concrete bases are being poured to be ready for the construction of additional arbors and swings in the grassy area between the Log cabin and the Murray Drive entrance to the Sports Center!   These arbors and swings will coordinate with the other arbors and swings that are already being enjoyed around the Campus of our Cultural Center!

The Mauldin Rotary Club Family Picnic Area will consist of these Arbors and Adult Swings; Family Picnic Tables; Children’s’ Picnic Tables; Handicap accessible Picnic Tables; along with a Wooden Tree Bench that will include the 4-way test of all Rotarians around the World!

Truth, Fair, Good Will & Friendships. Beneficial!

The wooden Bench will be constructed by a member of the Mauldin Rotary Club with the hopes of encouraging all who enjoy the area to reflect on these 4 Values; as they enjoy Ice Cream or bring a picnic and enjoy on the picnic tables or sit and watch children play or listen to a concert!

These are exciting improvements that are about to become a REALITY by late Summer!!

And, stay tuned in our next issue for more information about the new “age-appropriate PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT” coming SOON; AND a specially donated Picnic Shelter to be constructed.♦


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