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Jack Pendarvis

I read recently that strange noises were heard, coming from the area near the Reedy River. It was believed to be a fox. It may have been a young kid, they scream like a young lady in fear.

The stream that borders my property feeds into the river and I see paw prints in the small sandbars, so I know the wildlife is out there! Recently the trees along the bank have been harvested. These trees were planted about forty years ago. They were cedars that were to be cut for Christmas trees. When they grew to be the right size for a nice green, living tree, guess what, the market for them dried up because the new aluminum ones were the rage that year. You didn’t have to decorate them, you just put a color wheel under it with a few colored balls hung there and there and it was ready for the presents to be placed under it.

Those cedars grew and formed a jungle for wildlife. I often see deer, fox, quail, and a mix of other small animals. I don’t know what is planned for the area, but the 10 acre habitat is almost gone and the wildlife moved up stream, to the north side of West Georgia Road. I will miss them, but now I can plant a garden and not bother to put a fence around it.

It’s time for fall festivals and school days are coming again. Please watch out for the young folks heading out on school days. They are full of energy and eager to be with their classmate again.
It’s time for the festivities at “The Settlement” in Gray Court. I will be there with my collection of Civil War Artifacts. Hope to see you there. It’s a wonderful place to bring your children or grands. I describe it as living history and really enjoy being a part of it. Pioneer Day, on September 9, has something for everyone…history, food, music, and crafts! This year will be in memory of our Cherokee Friend, Chief Gene Norris

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