Welcome Blue Birds…A birds eye view

Imagine the rush of excitement at seeing the first flash of brilliant blue darting across your yard on a February afternoon.  Even though it doesn’t seem like we have had a winter, it’s still exciting to see the color of “blue” knowing that spring is just around the corner.  The first male Eastern Bluebirds has landed and ready to celebrate February as National Bird Feeding Month!!

I always take an excited gasp when a bright blue male bluebird pauses long enough for me to get a look.  The sheer beauty of the male reflecting in the sunlight is a joy to behold.  Any day now the males will be taking the females around saying “How about me and you here – this year” as they scout out potential nesting areas.  Soon a territory is established and then nest building will begin. The female will lay four to five light blue eggs that will take thirteen to fifteen days to hatch.  The male bring food to his mate and the young during the critical first few days of feeding.  To help him out, try providing mealworms……the fattest, juiciest ones you can fine and watch them enjoy this delectable treat……YUMMMMMM!!

You don’t have to live in the country to attracting bluebirds to your yard.  However, you must have the right environment and offer them food and housing.   The real key is water…..make it available because like most thrushes, bluebirds bathe with enthusiasm and are readily attracted to water.

Once you attract a bluebird couple to your yard for the season, you’re hooked.  So, as the days get longer and you’re working hard to attract your bluebird family, maximize your chances of enjoying this brilliant flash of Blue in your yard.  Get your houses up and ready and get out the “For Rent” sign……then, set back and enjoy the show!!  ♦


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