Restaurant Depot opens in Mauldin

Restaurant Depot officially opened its doors on August 3rd and local businesses are thrilled about the positive impacts. Craig Grounsell, owner of Gretchen’s ABS Cakes in Mauldin, is especially delighted with the location opening, “I go there every other day, so I’m pleased with where it’s located.” Lack of space on Woodruff Road and other areas of Greenville left the opportunity open for Mauldin. There was plenty of room on East Butler Road for the 56,000 square foot building. The new location will not only provide local businesses with convenience of location, but also massive cost savings and plentiful products.
Grounsell compares Restaurant Depot to other warehouse stores, “They have so much more variety than other stores like Costco.” Restaurant Depot has a wide variety of products including restaurant equipment, baking supplies, fruits, veggies, and meats. All of which are important to Grounsell for his bakery and café.
Previously owned by another family and known as ABS Cakes and Candy in 1983, Grounsell bought the business in 2001. He changed the name to Gretchen’s ABS Cakes. The business had been around so long and was known in the area, so he decided to take it over with the name intact and add “Gretchen’s”…his wife’s name, to personalize it! Currently, Craig, Heather, and Gretchen operate their family run business. They serve the Mauldin community with beautiful all occasion cakes, lunch at the café, cake decorating and baking supplies.
There are so many benefits to local business owners with Restaurant Depot opening nearby. Grounsell may even be able to offer more products than he has in the past. It has also been a key ingredient to his cost savings, “I save a couple hundred a week,” he said. That’s big savings for small and large businesses alike. With specials and marked down prices, it’s hard to justify shopping anywhere else. So, how do they offer such low prices? Grounsell explains, “They don’t have the overhead costs other food services like Cisco and Southeastern do.” Without trucks, insurance, taxes, commissions, and other expenses, Restaurant Depot is able to cut prices. Although it is more labor intensive for shoppers to transport products. For Grounsell, the thought of lugging 50 pound bags of sugar for his bakery is anything, but sweet. So, he kept a few food service providers. However, Restaurant Depot can lend a helping hand when needed, “They’ve been very nice in helping me,” he clarifies.
Grounsell and other local businesses will have more money in their pockets and the city of Mauldin will further in economic development. Mauldin Community Development Director Van Broad outlines the location importance, “Mauldin is fortunate to have another great company choose our community as their home. The jobs they bring to Mauldin and traffic it will generate will enhance Mauldin’s opportunity to see future development.” There are only 32 Restaurant Depots in the U.S. and the Mauldin location is South Carolina’s first!
According to Restaurant Depot’s website, the company “has been supplying independent food businesses with quality products from large cash and carry warehouse stores since 1990.” Membership is free for restaurant owners as well. With cost savings like this, it can help local businesses grow exponentially. It’s no wonder the store has been a well-received addition to the Mauldin community, “We look forward to a long relationship with Restaurant Depot and welcome them to Mauldin,” Broad adds.” So far, Restaurant Depot has accomplished their company’s mission to become a one-stop warehouse for Savings, Selection and Service, Seven days a week.”♦


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