Mauldin Cultural Center annual fundraiser… a huge success

Van Broad Mauldin
Community Development Director shares
upcoming plans
for the center an
thanks all who support
the cultural arts.

The Mauldin Cultural Center held its annual fundraiser on June 3 with 10 tables filled with guests and supporters. An enjoyable dinner that was prepared by Mauldin’s own Van Broad and served by volunteers Janice and Tommy Holcombe, Jeannie Harmon and Keira Heider. The event raised over $12,000. The evening was capped off by a short program featuring the Cultural Affairs Theater Productions Director Tim St. Clair ll presenting a medley of songs by: Maxwell Weaver, DeBryant Johnson, Bekah Frampton, Lael Russell, Meagan Jones, Kristofer Parker, and Ryvers Martin.

Keira Heider, Cultural Center Director added these comments,” We are so grateful to everyone who came out to the dinner and for being patient with us as we worked to schedule and reschedule in light of the pandemic. The support and enthusiasm of our dinner guests, other donors, ticket buyers, and volunteers asserts that our theatre program continues to fulfill a need within our community”.

“Our fundraiser event this year was a great success, added St. Clair. It was very encouraging for me to see people come out and support local theater here in Mauldin. Our programs have grown so much in the last four years and even in the midst of the pandemic, we were able to adapt, even grow, and continue to impact our city and the surrounding areas by keeping the arts alive. I am hopeful for the future of this theater and all the impact we will continue to have. The best is yet to come!”

Scott Crosby, President, of the Mauldin Cultural Council said he was pleased with the turnout and excited about the upcoming schedule of performances.

“We have the deepest appreciation for those who have shown their support at this year’s fundraiser, as well as all contributors generally. This is just the beginning for the Mauldin Cultural Center. Right now, the vision of what it will be – in the not too distant future – is not obviously apparent, and it takes a bit of faith and hope to provide the strong support on which the Cultural Center can grow. But our supporters clearly support that vision, and want to see the Mauldin Cultural Center become a great center for the Arts, not only for the people of Mauldin, but also as an attraction for people in the surrounding cities and states.”

The Mauldin Cultural Center was created to establish, develop and promote a cultural system that celebrates the Mauldin community, leverages the arts for the economic benefit of the City and its citizens, and strives to give all citizens and visitors the ability to experience and participate in artistic and cultural activities in an effort to continually develop a more vibrant community.

Currently, the Mauldin Cultural Center hosts nearly 30,000 people and more than 1,000 events annually through various arts education, special events, community events and private rentals.■

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